Website Development

Kolstee Media offers hosting, development, and design services for visually appealing, simple or complex website layouts to meet your personal or business needs. Kolstee Media offers a wide array of services, from the purchase of the domain, to the hosting and maintenance of the backend, setting up e-mail addresses with your domain, and designing and maintaining the content of your website.

Additionally, combined with other services such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing, graphic design, and video production, Kolstee Media can help you enhance your digital marketing presence.

Website Development Services

  • Hosting/Backend management. Includes hosting the content of your website with Kolstee Media and backend maintenance with cPanel for customization and settings.
  • Domain. Includes purchase and set up your website domain, or transfer your existing domain to Kolstee Media for easier management of domains.
  • Design. Includes design of website, customized to your liking to fit your vision and brand of your website/business/organization/product/etc. With a modern design, Kolstee Media can also ensure the website is mobile-friendly, as people today access the internet through many different types of devices, especially with the increase of the use of mobile devices.
  • Transfer of content. If you have an existing website, we can locate and transfer existing content and move it from your old website to your new website.
  • E-mails. Kolstee Media also offers e-mail services. We can set up e-mails for your website with your domain (such as, either through providing you with e-mail hosting or redirecting your e-mails to another e-mail, such as your existing e-mail account. This is great for businesses that may want a branded e-mail for their employees. We can also get you set up with an e-mail interface such as Google Workplace.
  • Analytics. Includes setting up analytics to track website activity, giving you access and insights into your audience so you can make better digital marketing decisions.
  • Backups. Includes full backup of your website, so that in the event there is a problem, it can be reverted to a previous version.
  • Security scans. Includes a full security scan of your website on a regular basis so that you can be sure that there are no issues with your readers and/or customers having access to your website.
  • Performance scans. Includes a full performance scan of your website on a regular basis in order to optimize speed for readers and/or customers.
  • And more. If you see a website service you need but it is not listed, contact Kolstee Media today and we can help you with that need!

Website Features

  • Static pages. The most basic of website pages for any kind of content.
  • Custom headers/footers. Fully customizable headers and footers to help readers and customers navigate your website.
  • Blog. A blog can be used for news and articles, sorted with tags, categories, and much more to feature continuously updated and new content.
  • Calendar/Events. Similar to the blog feature, except specific for listing events in a variety of ways so website viewers can see upcoming events and associated information pertaining to the subject of the website.
  • Store. E-commerce solutions for selling products on your website.
  • Photo/video galleries. Excellent for any kind of visual media to be displayed on your website.
  • Forms. Customized forms can be used for anything from registration to general request to contact.
  • Pay online. Using a variety of payment services, such as Paypal, you can take donations, orders, registration fees, etc. from your website.
  • Login/logout protected content. For any contact you would like to have password-protected.
  • Tables/lists. Searchable tables/lists that store data that a website reader may find valuable on your website.
  • CRM. Are you in need of a comprehensive backend for managing your customers and sales? Kolstee Media can work with you to find the perfect solution to integration into your website.
  • E-mail marketing integration. Do you have or want to engage with your customers with e-mail? The best way to collect new subscribers is through a link on your website, which will automatically add the subscriber to your e-mail list.
  • And more. If you see a website feature you need but it is not listed, contact Kolstee Media today and we can help you with that need!