Kolstee Media offers several digitization services. Older media such as video tapes, slides, film negatives are gradually degrading. They lose their quality as time goes by. Preserve your precious memories and get your older media digitized so that you can preserve it as well as share it on a modern platform. Kolstee Media can also digitize documents with OCR capabilities and organize accordingly, so that you can declutter your paper archives into a digital archive.

Types of Media to Digitize

  • VHS & 8 mm tapes. Before the digital age where you uploaded your videos from an SD card or directly from a phone, tablet, or video camera, VHS tapes were the most popular video type. Tapes will lose their quality over time, and so getting your precious home videos digitized will keep these memories safe. Smaller tape formats including 8 mm tapes were also popular in use. They too will fade as time goes on.
  • 35 mm slides. Those old slide projectors had¬†trays and carousels filled with slides to project to a screen or wall to show off your photos. Now that we are in a digital era, it is much easier to connect a computer to a TV screen, even wirelessly. These old slides, like tapes and film, will lose their quality as time goes by. These slides can be digitized and preserved in digital format.
  • Negatives. Remember when you went to the store to get your photographs developed? Not only did they give you your printed photographs (and doubles if you wanted), but they gave you back the strips of film. These too can be digitized, especially if you lost the original photographs. Using the original film and digitizing from that also results in a higher quality image. Often negatives are stored in plastic sleeves, and may have never been removed, and thus may have less scratches.
  • Documents. In a digital world, paper documents are becoming a thing of the past. However, you may still have important papers that you would like to digitize. I also offer OCR services, along with organizing your documents accordingly. Turn your desk and filing clutter into PDFS you can easily search and find on your computer.
  • Data storage & backup. We can put your digitized media onto an external hard drive or flash drive. Purchase one from us or provide us with your own. Additionally, we will keep a back up of your digitized content for 90 days. If you want to extend this, we will keep your files for an extended period of time for an additional fee.

Final Format

There are are number of options for transferring your digitized media in which I can provide. So when work is complete on digitizing your media, you have the following options:

  • Flash drive / External hard drive. Provide your own or purchase one through Kolstee Media.
  • DVD. For digitized videos, although the mp4 format is recommended in a flash drive, as DVDs are becoming less common for media storage.
  • E-mail. For smaller files up to 15 MB per file.
  • Google Drive/Dropbox. I can move your digitized files to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other services so you can receive your media electronicly.