Graphic Design

Need a graphic? A logo? Anything designed that could be used for web or print?

I have 10 years of experience in graphic design for both print and web, using a variety of different design techniques.

I can design anything to meet your needs. I design marketing material such as brochures and business cards to website and social media graphics, and much more.

I also edit photos to improve upon their quality and lightening and to make them pop. I can repair photographs as well, especially older photos that may have been damaged throughout time.

Here are some examples of my services:

  • Graphic design for print – do you need a business card, brochure, poster, or anything that you intend to print? I can design anything in any format.
  • Graphic design for web – not only for print, but if you need graphics for your website (web development is also a service I provide) or social media, I can design those as well.
  • Photo restoration – do you have old photos or any phone that needs touch up? I can work on restoring old photos as well as anything else to bring any photograph to life. This could be as simple as removing spots and adjusting colors, to fully repairing a torn photograph.